Who we are. What motivates us.


A changing world requires new solutions. To innovate is to create faster, more attractive and efficient solutions.


We enjoy getting things right. Quality is one of the main pillars of our work culture.


We understand the value of adapting to specific needs and accepting challenges. Flexibility is adjusting to different cultures, rhythms and research models.


We transform data into actions. Perspective is recreating real-world complexity, focusing on specifics without losing sight of the big picture.


FMCG Strategies

FMCG Strategies

We offer specific solutions for all aspects of your product at each stage in its life cycle.
Services, Technology & Retail

Services, Technology & Retail

We have solutions for gauging, understanding, designing and managing your consumers’ experiences.
Consulting Services

Consulting Services

We transform precise diagnostics into customized programs aimed at improving critical processes in your organization and also assist with their implementation.


KEX<br />
Knack Experience
Knack Experience

Simple and customized, KEX enables real-time collection, analysis and interpretation of data on client experiences at different points of contact and company outlets.

MPS<br />
Management of Prices and Sales Offers
Management of Prices and Sales Offers

MPS is designed to understand, predict and model client and customer purchase decisions.

KRPT<br />
Knack Rapid Product Testing
Knack Rapid Product Testing

The most efficient tool in the market to conduct product tests.

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Knack Mobile
Knack Mobile


Our proven method of obtaining data in-the-moment.

Global Coverage

KNACK has its own offices in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico.

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