Product Tests

We help you discover the product your consumers are seeking.

Product tests are one of our main areas of expertise.
We have extensive experience with the entire range
of potential research designs, combining the
best traditional solutions with the latest
in new technologies.

  • Concept and product tests.
  • Fragrance or sniff tests.
  • Packaging tests.
  • Consumption studies.
  • Technical and observational studies.
  • Price elasticity.


The COVID-19 pandemic is rapidly changing not only the market research industry but also societies across the globe.
This is an opportunity to be innovative and maintain close ties with your customers and consumers.


Product Testing has never been so safe!

We have decades of experience running product tests.
Now, we have redesigned our protocol for iHUTs.
We are able to carry out sensory and product tests
while respecting all social distancing restrictions
and using strict hygiene protocols.


Controlled in-home Products Test!

Our traditional CLT is now available using controlled
testing conditions at home!
We can carry out product tests controlling the order,
preparation and quantities that consumers test of each
product or sample before evaluation.

How do we do i-TEST?


Online screening and recruitment.
Digital consent and confidentiality agreements.
Reminder emails and calls to yield high participation rates.

Product receiving and handling

Minimum product handling goal.
Clients send products to our office and we apply cleanliness protocols.
KNACK takes care of labeling and packaging products.

Product delivery

Products are packaged and sent.
Delivered without social contact.
Delivery respects groups and rotations, among other things.

Virtual meeting and/or test

Virtual meetings for group testing or discussion.
Online dashboards for data visualization.
Online surveys before, during, and after testing.


Controlled In-Home Product Test

With our i-CLT consumers can test new formulas, packaging options and
fragrances, and compare prototypes to those of competitors.
All while safely at home.

Up to 6 consumers enter the virtual meeting platform at a given time.

They are welcomed by the test moderator.

KNACK professionals monitor consumer product preparation online.
Depending on the product, checks are made to ensure specific protocols
are followed, guaranteeing equal testing conditions.

Consumers evaluate the product online and use a link to access the questionnaire.
The moderator observes all of the consumers testing the product simultaneously.

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