Our Team

Our Story

KNACK is a market research and consulting firm with 15 years of experience. Beginning in 2002, we have welcomed the challenge of providing services throughout Latin America and since 2006 have our own offices in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. One of our top areas of expertise is FMCG concept and product testing. In fact, recognized for our work in this area, we have been selected as a preferred supplier for various markets in the region by Unilever, Mondelez, Tetra Pak and Danone. Starting in 2010, in response to our clients’ needs, we expanded our services to cover the United States, Europe and Asia. With the recent addition of the principal markets in Africa, we have become one of the few companies specializing in FMCG concept and product testing across the globe with specially developed tools such as our KNACK Rapid Product Testing.


Customer Experience studies is another of our areas of excellence. We began developing them specifically for the banking and financial market (2005), where we have earned the recognition and trust of the sector’s main institutions which have relied on KNACK to not only carry out ad hoc studies within the industry, but also for the largest syndicated study ever conducted in the region. Our clients include BBVA, ​ICBC​,​ ​C​iti, Itaú​,​ Galicia​, Credicoop Bank and America​n Express​. These Customer Experience studies inspired us, starting in 2012, to fully incorporate all the advantages and opportunities available using new information and communications technologies. The result is that we now have a unique tool for today’s markets, useful for any company providing mass market services, which can measure, monitor and manage customer experiences in real time on an ongoing basis.


KNACK Research has consolidated its position in the market over the past two years. Our DNA, our motivating principles, not only forms the basis of our existence but also defines our growth and development. Innovation: our team of professionals is dedicated to creating faster, more attractive and increasingly efficient solutions for our clients. Quality: our company is certified in ISO-9001 quality management guidelines and in ISO-20252 quality standards governing sector activities. Flexibility: we have the human and material resources necessary to adapt to the needs and demands of our clients. Perspective: highly-experienced professionals, the knowledge and capacity to understand our clients’ specific needs without losing sight of the context in which they arise.